Plastic Welding & Repairs

With over 30 years of plastic welding experience we consider ourselves experts of the trade and our customers will back that up.

With over 200 different types of plastics on the market, unfortunately not all plastics can be welded or glued back together; its only the ones from the Thermo Plastic family can be. So how do you tell if your broken item is repairable or not? Well better you consult with Golden West Plastics & rely on our expert knowledge of the Plastics Industry before you waste your time money elsewhere.

Unfortunately in this day & age with the development of many additives that are going into the raw materials for manufacturing it, is rendering some products unrepairable. Some of these plastic materials are referred to in the industry as “Engineered” Plastics, meaning that the plastic is no longer a pure plastic molecular structure; as additives such as glass fibres have been added for so called ” Structural integrity”. This engineering process of the plastic may well make the product more structurally stable however unfortunately it also makes it more brittle & less shock absorbent thus making it prone to breaking if dropped and also renders it non repairable by standard plastic welding techniques. So to the average person, most plastic components are just another plastic; but at Golden West Plastics we know our plastics as we are fully trained in the identification process to determine one plastic from another so you will always get the correct advise first time without wasting your money.

Some of the Plastic Welding Repair Services we can provide you with:
• Motor Bike guards & Fuel Tanks
• Canoe splits & modifications
• Farm & Residential Water Tanks
• Speed Car Fuel Pods
• Plastic Boat repairs & Modifications
• Tractor & Ride on Mower bonnets & components
• Motor Vehicle Grills & Dashes
• Some Motor Vehicle Bumpers (Only if they are Thermo Plastic Materials)
• Onsite Tank Repairs
• Motor Bike Fairings
• Diesel Fuel Tanks
• Hydraulic Oil Tanks
• Chemical Farm Tanks
• Refrigerator Shelves & Panels