Dust & Fume Control

Improve product quality, reduce process costs and protect the health of your employees and the environment with a “GWP Fume Control” product by Golden West Plastics.

We offer a range of dust and fume control products, chemical resistant extraction fans, PVC, polypropylene and stainless steel duct systems, and services, to ensure the clean and safe operation of your processing facility.

Fume Extraction Cupboards

We manufacture a broad range of Fume Extraction Cupboards for many different applications complying with AS2243.8, from Double-Sided Educational Fume Cupboards to full mine-site Perchloric Acid Digestion units with Air Scrubbing capacity.

As we are the designer and manufacturer, we have the proven expertise and ability to work with you, your builder, or your consulting engineers or architects, to achieve the optimum unit to suit your individual application with total professionalism and a minimum of fuss.

GWP Fume Control Systems

We supply two types of Australian Standard compliant GWP Fume Control systems:

FCV4 Control System

This fully functioned system has the ability to control a variable air flow system, interlocked to a variable speed drive that varies the fan speed according to open sash position, thus increasing or decreasing the extraction values across the face of the Fume Cupboard whilst maintaining air velocity values compliant to AS2243.8 Appendix B.

The FCV4 also has the capacity to control and monitor scrubber operation, air flow values, behind baffle and in duct spray bar operation, thermal detection (sudden increased temperature), and interlocked flammable gas and GPO cut off operation, though automatic and manual emergency stop function, audible and visual indication of faults, 1-minute pre purge, and 5 or 20-minute post purge cycles.

FCV5 Control System

The FCV4’s little brother has the ability to meet the minimum pre-requisite to standards of AS2243.8 with control and monitoring of air flow, interlocked flammable gas, and GPO cut off operation, audible and visual indication of faults, and Emergency stop function, 1-minute pre purge, and 5 or 20-minute post purge cycles.

Both modules are designed with maximum safety in mind to students, operators and maintenance personnel.

Front Touch Pad

The front touch pad of both the FCV4 and FCV5, located on the front facia of the Fume Cupboard is 24V DC, with no 240/415V AC within reach to cause electrocution from either accidental or malicious damage.

All high voltage connections are concealed within an Australian Standards rated electrical control box with a local isolator that turns off all power supplies to the unit prior to accessing for maintenance and adjustments. This is located on the top of the Fume Cupboard chamber or fixed to the ductwork, out of harm’s way from unauthorised people and students. It is also labelled according to AS 3000 electrical standards.

Why Choose GWP Fume Control Equipment?

  • Ensure your business complies with up-to-date health and safety guidelines
  • Your employees are protected from hazardous dust and fumes
  • Our equipment fully complies with relevant Australian Standards
  • Manufactured from materials resistant to the chemicals you are employing
  • We can custom design a maintenance schedule to meet your requirements

Our Dust & Fume Control Products & Services include:  

  • Selection from our standard range of industrial grade, single-sided fume cupboards
  • Selection from our standard range of double and single-sided educational fume cupboards
  • Custom fabricated fume cupboards to suit customer special requirements
  • Full turnkey installation and NATA commissioning to all fume cupboards
  • Engineered design duct systems
  • German quality chemical resistant fume extraction fans for high and medium pressure situations
  • Upgrades to existing, and installation of re-located fume cupboards to AS2234.8
  • Custom fabricated downdraft extraction tables and hoods
  • Tower, cross flow and fume cupboard overhead scrubbers with specific designed packing rings and mist elimination filter pads
  • At-source extraction arms
  • Fume cupboard 6 and 12 month programmed maintenance service with NATA certified results

Risk Assessment

Prior to the manufacture of any GWP Fume Control Fume Cupboard, we perform a risk assessment to identify and assess all of the chemicals that will be used in the Fume Cupboard.

The purpose of this assessment is to grade the Fume Cupboard. We classify it as either a Hazardous or Non-Hazardous (General Purpose) Fume Cupboard and select the type of material from which it should be manufactured. We also determine whether or not it requires a scrubber, in-line filters, or any other special requirements to fully comply with relevant standards. It is during this assessment that we also determine whether a FCV4 or FCV5 controller is required.

Fume Cupboards can be manufactured from the following materials:

  • Self-Extinguishing PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride)
  • Flame Retardant PP (Polypropylene)
  • Stainless Steel
  • Fire Retardant Fibreglass (GRP) (Currently under development)

Other custom fabricated Fume Cupboards can be manufactured upon request, accommodating specific customer specifications, including:  extra height for bench mounted or walk-in applications, perchloric and hydrofluoric acid usage, and higher than normal operating temperature situations. Contact us for further information.