About Us

At Golden West Plastics we believe quality plastic repair in WA and good old-fashioned customer service should not cost any extra.

Our Trade Certified Craftsmen have over 30 years of experience in all Commercial, Industrial and Mining Thermo Plastic fabrications, and guarantee complete customer satisfaction and quality products that are second-to-none.

Our custom fabrication and dispatch is based in Perth, Western Australia. However, together with the experienced team at Direct Freight Express, we can distribute products throughout WA and Australia, often within 2 to 3 days, depending on your location. We also have a network of distribution points in all capital cities.

Our Products and Services include:

  • Cut-to-size panels, or full sheet distribution of full range of plastics
  • Machining and profile cutting
  • Clear acrylic tube and piping supply
  • Light boxes – signage
  • Real-estate window displays
  • Boat windows  – sullage and fresh water tanks (custom fabricated)
  • Clear and tinted outdoor patio windows and doors
  • Full installation service provided by experienced and qualified staff
  • Laboratory fume cupboards (to AS2243.8), chemical extraction fans, scrubbers, filtration
  • Re-location of existing laboratory equipment
  • Chemical resistant laboratory bench tops, sinks, drainers, bottle racks
  • PH dosing pits, tanks, complete systems
  • Plastic welding and repairs
  • Laboratory test and mixing cells
  • Machine and safety guards
  • HDPE-PP-PVDF-PVC pipe welding, socket, butt fusion
  • On-site plastic welding service
  • Leach and mixing columns
  • Rota-moulded MDPE tanks for processing and chemical storage
  • Expert advice


Golden West Plastics was derived from a vision by a young man, David Smith, who entered the work force at the youthful age of 16, back in 1981.

David had an appetite for working with plastic materials as far back as his high school days, and enjoyed creating items for his father and mother, who were very proud of his achievements. He had a dream to become a major contributor in the plastics industry, to own his own company, and to help solve his customers’ problems.

In David’s own words…

My very first job in the plastics industry was the mixing of coloured pigments into the raw plastic material used in injection moulded products at one of the prominent plastics manufacturing facilities at the time in the Perth metro area, being “Bristle – Plastics Division” (formally “Lusterite Plastics”).

The machine setting staff were always on hand to teach me the art of die setting and machine set up, as I would always finish my required work load earlier than required and eagerly moved onto help setting the machines.


After approximately 12 months, the divisional manager saw my dedication to work and ability to learn quickly, so when an apprenticeship scheme was developed by the Plastics Institute of WA for training in thermo plastic fabrication I was approached to become one of the first of nine apprentices to become a fully certified (with trade papers) tradesman in the industry. From that moment, there was no looking back. I’d absorbed a wealth of information and skills from some fantastic and very experienced personnel and technical education lecturers at the Carlisle Technical College facility.

Unfortunately, after 30 months into my apprenticeship, Bristle decided to disband as a company; however, having been in the industry as an experienced apprentice, it was only a matter of two days before another prominent plastics fabrication company, known then as “MR Plastics”, snapped me up.

Gaining Experience

At MR Plastics I managed to work with a whole new breed of experienced fabricators, absorbing as much information as was on offer. It was here that I extended my knowledge in all aspects of plastic fabrications, inclusive of fibreglass products (GRP) predominately for applications with chemical resistant resins.

I also gained extensive experience in the art of installations for all of the products that the company made; this included the development and installation of the fume extraction systems for “Argyle Diamond Mines” in the Kimberly region of WA, and the manufacture and installation of fume cupboards and duct systems at the QE2 medical training facility for the “University of WA”.

It was also here that I finalised my trade studies and became a fully-fledged tradesman. I continued to work with MR Plastics for some years before they also disbanded.

Moving Up

Now, having been in the industry for some time and building a reputation as a first class fabricator, it wasn’t long before I was approached to become part of another team of fabricators involved extensively in piping systems for the then booming mining and housing industry in WA.

I was able to pass on my acquired attributes and extensive experience to further the education of their existing trainees and tradesmen and acquired extensive knowledge working with HDPE, PVC, Polypropylene, PVDF, and ECTFE piping systems.  After approximately three years of service, and a downturn in the mining industry, it was time to move on.

The Shift to Management

A leading fume cupboard and chemical tank supplier/manufacturer heard that I was on the market, and approached me to join their permanent staff. I spent a few years working in the workshop environment. I was involved in the manufacture and design of many systems, including electrowinning cells for the extraction of gold and nickel, and large custom chemical tanks for major chemical companies manufactured to both Australian (AS) and British (BS) Standards from PVC-CPVC-HDPE-Polypropylene materials.

After three years on the workshop floor, I was offered the position of contracts/installations supervisor, which I grasped with ease due to my extensive prior experience in this area. The role involved liaising closely with customers, workshop management and office staff.

Soon after, I was promoted to manager/second-in-charge of the company. During that period, I learned more about the design of fume cupboards, extraction systems and duct design pressures, and gained extensive knowledge about how to run a company.

Building a Reputation

After ten years at the helm I left the company, and spent the next eight years involved in the development of the industrial division of another plastics company with outstanding results. I brought in major clients such as: BHP Nickel West, Wormall, Worley Parsons, Woodside Petroleum, Dampier Salt Mines, Alcoa, and Rio Tinto, along with a few junior exploration companies.

Whilst involved mainly in the industrial and mining divisions, this new job also presented the opportunity to further tune my skills in the running of company business and the commercial side of the industry; controlling and overseeing many projects manufactured from acrylic material, such as simple brochure holders and displays, to the more elaborate functions and corporations, along with large fish tanks from 65mm thick material; adding to my knowledge base and attributes.

After eight years in that role, and more than 25 years’ industry experience under my belt, it was time to venture out on my own, and for “Golden West Plastics Pty Ltd” to evolve.

David Smith
Golden West Plastics Pty Ltd, Managing Director